PuMP Certified: Rawia Mokhtar’s story


Rawia Mokhtar works as a project manager in the health sector in Canada. Rawia learned PuMP with Louise Watson, our North American PuMP Partner. And has kindly shared this story about gaining PuMP Certification with us.

Why Rawia chose PuMP

I am a project manager and my work expose me a lot to areas of monitoring and evaluation projects outcomes and deliverables. I was fortunate to receive a training on PuMP though my organization and get familiar on the whole PuMP framework.

Rawia’s experience with PuMP

The framework and approach really helped me putting measurement in a structured context. For this reason I went for PuMP Certification.

What it means to Rawia to have PuMP Certification

Becoming a certified PuMP now means that I have a logic, framework and tools to measure and evaluate my projects correctly. Really thank you for all who is managing the Certification and special thanks to you Stacey.

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