Stacey Barr Interviews Michel Dekker, on how to use XmR charts in Power BI


In this webcast Stacey Barr interviews Michel Dekker, on his XmR tool in Microsoft’s Power BI. Michel is a visualization and measurement expert and founder of data company, Nova Silva.

Michel Dekker

If you really want to get the truth from your KPIs, XmR charts are the best tool to display them. We get clear signals of true change, and it’s easier to set targets and quantify our progress toward them.

But typical XmR chart tools are ugly, clunky and more complex than they need to be. Even the PuMP XmR Chart spreadsheet template takes some manual effort to use. Problem solved! In this live event, we’ll learn from the creator of the new Power BI XmR chart tool, Michel Dekker, how easy and fast it can be to get the truth out of our KPIs.

In this webcast PuMP founder Stacey Barr will interview Michel Dekker, of Nova Silva in the Netherlands, about how to use the Power BI XmR chart tool. Join us and find out:

  • What an XmR chart is and how it gets the truth out of your KPIs
  • How the Power BI XmR chart tool works
  • What it’s like to use the Power BI XmR chart tool on one of Stacey’s real KPIs

Watch the video:


Download the Links to Get Started With XmR Charts handout from this webcast.


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