Bonnie Kite, on Taking Time to Measure


How Bonnie Kite helped the Bulk Water Division in Sydney Catchment Authority to take the time to measure. [From the archives, a 2008 PuMP Case Study.]

Bonnie Kite

Getting your organization, really interested in performance measurement can be hard enough, actually getting them to commit time to do it, that is another thing entirely especially when it is over and above all the ‘real work’ that they are doing. It can be such a feat, just to get people willing to give some time to developing measures and to reviewing measures and the like. I know a lot of you are struggling with that very problem.

You might feel very committed to doing performance measurement well and you may even know what steps you want to follow and how you want to go about doing it, but you also know that you just have to have the collaboration and the involvement of your colleagues and managers and others in your organization, if you are going to have any chance in getting it done really, really well and getting their buy-in along the way.

Learn how Bonnie’s organisation actually gave more time than they first thought they were going to and did this willingly as well.

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Listen to my interview with Bonnie Kite, as she shares her story about how she made tremendous head way in her organisation, particularly in getting people to follow her lead and actually give their time to doing performance measurement properly.

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