PuMP Community Quarterly Interactive Webcast – September 2021


Reviewing Your Results Map: How to diagnose and fix a less than excellent Results Map

There are many reasons why a Results Map may not be perfect. But we’re not aiming for perfect. We’re aiming for excellent. An excellent Results Map is one that gets everyone engaged in contributing to achieving those results, and one whose results move smoothly through PuMP’s Measure Design technique.

If your Results Map is confusing or overwhelming people and is proving hard to measure, it needs to be fixed. If you don’t fix it, it will waste too much time as your progress through PuMP, and potentially destroy your chances of succeeding altogether.

In our September 2021 Quarterly Webcast for the PuMP Community, we’re going to simulate the process of reviewing a real PuMP Results Map, revealing why it needs more work and how to fix. We will explore:

    • Why it’s worth reviewing your Results Map
    • How to identify the 5 symptoms that mean your Results Map needs more work
    • What happens if you don’t fix those symptoms
    • The causes of these symptoms and the 3 best ways to fix them
    • Have your questions about diagnosing and fixing Results Maps answered

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Read the article 4-Step Recipe for Writing a Quantitative Measure, mentioned by Stacey at the very end of the webcast.

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