PuMP Community Quarterly Interactive Webcast – September 2019


Results Map Deep Dive: Advanced tips for mastering the PuMP Results Map.

The Results Map is a powerful tool to visualise, cascade and communicate strategy. It’s also a powerful way to think about strategy from a fresh point of view, and test its logic before executing it. But the power of the Results Map can be limited when you don’t follow the guidelines.

In this replay of our September 2019 Quarterly Webcast for the PuMP Community, we’ll explore how you can make your Results Map more powerful. You will:

  • Get a quick review of the PuMP Results Map technique
  • Find out the common mistakes that are made with Results Maps, and the problems these cause
  • Collate a bunch of practical tips to avoid or correct the common mistakes and make your Results Map brilliant
  • PuMP Community members asked questions about mapping results in their organisation

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Watch the replay

  • Excellent. Love the ‘future facts’ tip and the estimation of resources before attempting to prioritise the results. Deep dive into measurability tests eagerly awaited.

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