Stacey Barr Interviews Ayça Tümer Arıkan, on creating a new performance culture


Ayça Tümer Arıkan is a measurement consultant and licensed PuMP Contractor in Turkey, and shares her story about facilitating a manufacturing team to implement PuMP and create the right kind of performance culture through good measurement.

Ayça Tümer Arıkan

Ayça has recently joined our global licensed PuMP Partner team, as a PuMP Contractor for Europe. She is very skilled in facilitating teams, even those who have never been exposed to measuring performance before, to create meaningful measures they value and use to drive improvement in their work processes.

This is our second case study with Ayça, with a spotlight on how just a single XmR chart for their measure has created the right kind of performance culture that this manufacturing company can now build on.

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