Amy Ells, on Virtual Measure Galleries in a Canadian Government Department


Amy Ells is a PuMP leader with a Canadian government department, and shares her story about experimenting with virtual Measure Galleries…

Amy Ells

When I learned that Amy was experimenting with a way to run our PuMP Measure Galleries on a virtual platform, I was very keen to learn more. If you’re a PuMP user in a large organisation that is spread geographically far and wide, you’ll know the challenge of building proper buy-in and engagement in measurement.

As we learn from Amy, it doesn’t have to be difficult or complex to create a virtual Measure Gallery that works, as long as you stay true to the principles that make any Measure Gallery work.

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Watch the video:

Stay tuned to the end and enjoy a few minutes of Amy and I brainstorming some ideas to bring the ‘social’ element into virtual Measure Galleries, which we usually achieve with snacks and treats.


You can download the transcript here.


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